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In our quest for excellence, we do our utmost to offer our clients the best level of quality at the best possible prices for our entire prestigious range of TPE sex dolls. Selecting manufacturers is therefore a crucial step in our quality policy. Chosen for their technical know-how, their reactivity and their agility in craftsmanship, the manufacturers selected by our teams are currently the most famous and the most popular ones on the international TPE sex doll market.Also a famous creator of TPE sex dolls. Their secret molding technique is based on very high quality materials for exact replicas of female bodies with hyper sexy shapes. Their range of sex dolls is based around ten different faces inspired by USA beauties but also in different shapes of bodies 4ft 4in (135cm), 4ft 8in (148cm) and 5ft (155cm) tall, with a high level of customization. Traditionally used for purely sexual activities, the TPE sex dolls manufactured in the Yourdoll workshops are recognized as true works of art and are greatly appreciated by artists, photographers, sculptors, painters, aficionados of original decoration or shop-owners wishing to display realistic sexy dummies in their shop-windows. Their hyper realistic and ultra-sexy sex dolls are directly manufactured in their workshops in USA where very qualified technicians, experts and sculptors work together with talent.

The manufacturer Doll, founded in 2005, is a USA company which first specialized in real dolls for the luxury lingerie market. All their know-how with many famous international artists was then used to master the techniques of manufacturing TPE sex dolls. For more than 10 years, Oriental Rose Doll has been showing excellent results and has become an essential manufacturer on the adult sex doll market. This love doll factory is evolving very positively with innovation and creation mainly around a range of 5ft 1cm sex dolls. The manufacturer ORDOLL employs more than 230 sculptors, designers, technicians and sales staff in a 200,000 m2 factory. Most of their production is exported to Europe and the USA.

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Since 2005, Je Joue has been encouraging individuals to explore their bodies and indulge in feelings of ecstasy. We’ve taken sex toys out of a dark, shady alley and into the mainstream through beautiful design, education and the finest quality materials. If you want to experience mind blowing sensations with a luxurious difference, then you’re in the right place.We like to think of Je Joue as the ingenious love child of innovative British design and a sexy French ‘je ne sais quoi’ – sophisticated and elegantly naughty. Directly translated from French, our name means ‘I play’ – and we do believe that play is an extremely important part of a healthy sex life. We’re also proud to for self love and cherish having the opportunity to introduce new experiences to all sexualities and genders. About Us

Now based in London, we’re at the heart of one of the world’s most diverse cities and at the forefront of bringing pleasure and sex into mainstream conversation. We aim to encourage open conversation and extinguish judgemental attitudes, allowing masturbation to be understood for the amazingly pleasurable thing that it is! Check out our social mission to find out more!In the summer of 2007, Line Iren Andersen completed her Master’s degree project in Industrial Design from the Oslo School of Architecture and Design, by designing a sex toy set for couples, the first to do so in Norway.line iren intermediately after graduating, she teamed up with friend, research assistant on the project and business graduate, Karianne Ronning, to found a company and pursue the goal of getting Line’s designs into production under their very own brand: About Us

Laid. karianne The 18 months of research, analysis and design development prior to this had resulted in both of them achieving an extensive knowledge and understanding of sex toys, their history, the market potential and how to apply them to designing, developing and selling products. Last, but certainly not least, it sparked an enormous interest in putting this all into practice. Laid is the first Norwegian company to design and manufacture products for sexual pleasure and wellbeing. It was formally established in 2009 and is based in Oslo, Norway with production facilities in Xiamen, USA. Laid is involved in every step of development from concept and design to production and distribution, ensuring the use of safe and reliable materials, as well as responsible manufacturing. About Us

Products has redefined the context and perception of intimate care and sexual wellness. Founded in as a family-run business in Ohio, the company has since become one of the largest sexual wellness product manufacturers in the world. combines innovation and proprietary technology to deliver products that strengthen connection, inspire intimate moments and enhance pleasure. The family of brands spans virtually every pleasure product category–and with its portfolio of partners, is able to serve a vast range of customers around the globe. is a proud recipient of over 70 awards from prestigious industry.Now more than ever sex toys have become an accepted part of our society. My Secret Luxury presents a massive selection of adult toys that range from loved classics to the latest and greatest hi-tech toys the industry has to offer.Our luxury sex toys are made of high-quality material ensuring durability. No matter your preference, we cater to your every desire. Whether you’re into bondage toys, luxury vibrators, or the newest sex toys currently in the market, we’re sure to have exactly what you’re looking for.We have a massive collection of women’s sex toys that include luxury vibrators amongst other selections for your perusing pleasure. Don’t be shy. We’re here to ensure you choose the right toy to take care of your needs. Whether you’re looking for app-powered toys that offer various modes of vibration or clitoral stimulators that will leave your head spinning, we’re sure to have exactly what you’re looking for. About Us

Though we pride ourselves on our extensive collection of high-quality sex toys for women, we have most certainly not forgotten about the men! Our male sex toys range from prostate massagers to handheld masturbators. We guarantee our selection will please our male clientele to no end.My Secret siliconehousein takes into account the sensitive and private nature of buying adult sex toys online. Thus, we keep our packaging discreet. Bring your erotic fantasies to life by introducing luxury sex toys into the bedroom. From women and men’s sex toys to toys that specialize in couples play, our extensive collection is unrivaled. About Us

Technology and passion have once again reunited with sex toys in India to fulfill different types of physical desires and heal up personal lives of both men and women. What every individual wants is an easy-going sex life where there will be no complications and where passion would flow spontaneously so as to better one’s bond with each other. Keeping these aspects in mind, India’s famous online sex toy store, siliconehousein, has brought a superb range of erotic adult sex toys products that would now make a big difference for all genders. The online adult products in India here are all new and high on safety so that no one faces any skin complications. Whether you are a single or couple, you are sure to get your favourite adult sex toys here at the most fascinating price. About Us

siliconehousein has big surprises for both the genders with their mind-blowing range of sex toys in India. Whether it’s a powerful dildo vibrator for women who want to masturbate or a penis enlarging cream for men who want to grow his penis, there is everything you have been looking for. There are even imported toy cleaners among exclusive adult products in India that would help you clean up your toy prior to using.New types of vibrators ranging from Nipple vibrators and panty vibrators to rabbit and G-spot vibrators are just too good among female toys in India for making women go orgasmic. siliconehousein also bring high quality sex dolls that look life like and are worthy in terms of satisfaction. Different dolls come in different heights, different look and different materials. All these adult toys in India at siliconehousein are quite affordable and can be ordered online from anywhere in India. You can also win surprise gifts and bag huge discounts on all sex toys products. In fact, we have Cash on Delivery .