Sex Dolls – Best Cheap Real Lifelike Realistic Love

Sex Dolls – Best Cheap Real Lifelike Realistic Love Doll Sex Doll, Buy cheap realistic sex dolls with high end in the sex Toy store, best real lifelike perfect love doll toy for sale free, hot adult sex Store.

Sex Dolls – Best Cheap Real Lifelike Realistic Love

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Sex Dolls - Best Cheap Real Lifelike Realistic Love
Sex Dolls - Best Cheap Real Lifelike Realistic Love
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Extra Tall Doll Model looks very unique and is top of the line silicone piece of art. She’s a little ‘ghetto’ – , and at least four foster homes when she became of age. She is now an Instagram celebrity, rocking her own unique style and posing in golden bikini and adult sessions. This girl is strong-willed and has a lot of character. Sounds like a born winner to us. This doll comes with many amazing features, including wide. Extra Tall Doll Model. Sex Dolls – Best Cheap Real Lifelike Realistic Love.

Height: 5ft 8 inch

Weight: 46kg

Full Bust: 38.6 inch

Leg Length: 33.5 inch

Foot Length: 8.3 inch

Anal Depth: 7.8 inch

Sex Dolls – Best Cheap Real Lifelike Realistic Love

Product Brand Code:- ETDM8821
Brand: Penthouse
Guarantee: 1 Year
Made in USA Sex Dolls – Best Cheap Real Lifelike Realistic Love

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