Women C-String Underwear Vibrating Panties Wireless

Women C-String Underwear Vibrating Panties Wireless Remote Control Vibrator Satisfy Of Need-sale of low-price goods, in catalogue of products.

Women C-String Underwear Vibrating Panties Wireless

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Women C-String Underwear Vibrating Panties Wireless
Women C-String Underwear Vibrating Panties Wireless
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Wireless C-String Vibrating, The invincible erotic pleasure that any woman should own and wear. Buy this sexy – erotic underwear and ask her to wear it tonight over dinner. As you having wine, activate the string with the remote control. Female strapless underwear c string with remote controled vibration.
Her pussy is in your hands now. Multi speed thrilling vibrations will go through her body. She will light up like a ball of fire in your arms. See her eyes go horny. Women C-String Underwear Vibrating Panties Wireless.
Make dinner out, a sensation and a half.

  • Color: Pink
  • Material: Lace, nylon
  • Power Source: Batteries Required
  • Type: Panty Vibrator

The strapless sexy C-String vibrating thong panty is a fun play toy. Wear it around the house or in public and have your partner control the vibrations. With 10 speed modes and powerful vibrations, the C-String can add plenty of excitement. Let this be.Wireless C-String Vibrating

10 vibration speeds and patterns.
Completely wireless.
LED Display on remote.
Discreet and comfortable to wear.
Requires 2 AAA (not included)
Removable fabric for easy cleaning.
Foldable design for easy storage and carry.
Materials: nylon
Color: Pink.
Care instructions: Remove the cloth from frame, hand wash, hang dry.

Product Brand Code:- WCSV50314
Brand: C-String
Guarantee: 1 Year
Made in USA Women C-String Underwear Vibrating Panties Wireless

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