Realistic Vibrators – Real Feel Life like

Realistic Vibrators – Real Feel, Life like, Natural Realskin Hot Cock Rotating Thruster Flesh Sex Toy Product. King Cock 8 inches Vibrating Tan Dildo with Balls.

Realistic Vibrators – Real Feel Life like

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Realistic Vibrators - Real Feel Life like
Realistic Vibrators - Real Feel Life like
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  • Length: 8″
  • Insertable Length: 6″
  • Dia: 2.5

Squirting Cock with Balls in Flesh Dildo Natural Feel,Featuring extreme realism in look, feel and function, Pipedream’s King Cock collection presents a thickly filling dildo that squirts on command for a fantastic finish.

At the tip, the 8 Inch Squirting Cock is subtly tapered, helping the head glide inside smoothly, an extra thick curvy shaft with raised veins and an incredibly lifelike texture add miles to the man-fantasy as it easily targets inner sweet spots. To activate the squirt effect, simply fill the included reservoir bulb with the included Jizzle Juice (or other chosen fluid), and place it through the dildo’s open base. When you’re ready for this King to let loose, squeeze to release through the tip.

PVC material that flexes and bends while remaining extra firm and fulfilling, right down to those thick, squeezable balls. Providing an ultra precise grip ideal for exact maneuvers, the big balls also make this dildo safe for ultra deep, worry-free penetration. Extremely low maintenance, simple soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam will have it squeaky clean and ready to play. Compatible with water based lubricants. 2oz bottle of Jizzle Juice and squirt bulb included, along with a bonus bottle of Refresh Toy Cleaner.

Product Brand Code:- SCBFDNF0023
Brand: King Cock

Guarantee: 1 Year
Made in USA

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