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Sex Toys For Ladies – Vibrators & Adult Toys

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Sex Toys For Ladies - Vibrators & Adult Toys
Sex Toys For Ladies - Vibrators & Adult Toys
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Giant Man Dildo Vibrator,It is made of the latest silicone materials and feels nice. The spectacular appearance can bring you supper sexual experience with the best vision feast.Get an infinite relaxation brought to you by this new chic that can be your personal in bed and shower.
With it’s thereapeutic and pulsating effect, no more boring nights! Very user friendly and hygienic.

Buy it, to intensify your mood.
Total Lenght: 12 inches
Multi Vibration
Soft touch button Silicone

Product Brand Code:- GMDV55030
Brand: Jock Dong
Guarantee: 1 Year
Made in USA

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Do you want a large and full-bodied dildo with the single press of a button? Then try the Uprize Rock Hard AutoErect Dildo.You decide when the dildo will stand straight and move. Simply press on the remote control, and watch the large dildo rise to its full potent potential thanks to its patented AutoErect technology. Place the suction cup firmly on a smooth hard surface, turn the vibrations on and get a mind-blowing experience, whether during solo satisfaction or with your partner. Can be used in a harness for kinky strap-on sex. It boasts 10 vibration levels and is both waterproof and rechargeable (USB-cable included). Uprize Rock Hard AutoErect is 20 cm long and 4.6 cm on the widest part (the glans). Sex Toys For Ladies – Vibrators & Adult Toys.

The Kiiroo Pearl 2 is an upgraded version of the revolutionary and interactive dildo vibrator that you can enjoy solo or with a partner for kinky long-distance play. The Pearl 2 can be enjoyed on its own or while your partner uses a Kiiroo Onyx Masturbator. When the dildo is connected to an Onyx Masturbator anywhere in the world, the dildo registers and transfers your movements and muscle contractions to the masturbator, so that he gets a very realistic experience. You can also allow your partner to contraol your climax via app, or you can take charge yourself and connect the Pearl 2 to the large selection of films at FeelMe or one of the other online services. To be able to use the Kiiroo Pearl 2 with a partner, the dildo must be connected to your computer via Bluetooth. Then you will be able to text and call each other through an encrypted chat programme that can also be used for naughty video chat. Sex Toys For Ladies – Vibrators & Adult Toys.

On the prowl for an extremely potent dildo with titllating vibrations and an enticing firm scrotum?With a diameter of 5.3 cm, lifelike hand-painted details and multispeed vibrations, this exceptionally realistic 23 cm dildo from american King Cock has all the potential to very quickly become your “go to” toy in the bedroom. Manufactured from PVC that has a soft finish while still with a firm and supple core so that you can place the dildo in the position that best stimulates you. King Cock dildos are handmade in the USA with specific focus on on creating an experience that is as close as possible to a real man. The distinct glans, raised veins, firm scrotum and lifelike details offers a very natural feeling, regardless of whether you use it with or without the vibrations.There are many possibilities for solo play or with your partner, using the suction cup or including your favourite harness or in water. Sæt den store sugekop fast og brug dildo vibratoren håndfrit til fræk solo-hygge eller invitér din partner med og eksperimentér med den lækre King Cock dildo til forspil eller i jeres yndlingsharness.Kræver 3 x AAA-batterier (købes separat).

The Sinful Slimline G-Spot Vibrator is ideal if you want a G-Spot vibrator for maximum pleasure, but without the maximum size. The black vibrator is angled and adjusted so that it’s easy to stimulate the G-Spot for deep and intense G-Spot orgasms. The Sinful Slimline G-Spot Vibrator is waterproof so you can enjoy it wherever you want, even in the shower. For the best Sinful Slimline G-Spot Vibrator experience, we recommend using it with a good water-based lube. After use, clean it with a sex toy cleaner and rinse off under the tap.Note! The Sinful Slimline G-Spot Vibrator uses 2x AA batteries, sold separately.If you dream of experiencing an extra intense climax, then go on an orgasm-filled journey with the Baseks My Dolphin G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator.It can stimulate you in 3 different ways all at the same time: The curved design stimulates the G-spot perfectly, while the row of pearls massages you internally, and the dolphin titillates you externally on the clitoris. You could say you are pulling a rabbit out of the hat!The dolphin vibrator has 10 vibration patterns and 5 rotation speeds, which you can easily shift between via the buttons on the shaft. The Baseks My Dolphin G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator has a soft surface of TPR. It requires 4 AAA-batteries, sold separately.

You can safely leave your orgasms to the Sinful Soft Rechargerable G-spot Vibrator. With it’s soft curves and texture the vibrator takes loving care of you internally with precise stimulation and intense vibrations. A whole 8 settings and a turbo button, that will send you directly to a climax, and take your breathe away in just the right way. Sinful Soft is waterproof and equiped with a powerful suction cup which will give you many opportunities for kinky, hands-free play. Enjoy it alone or hand over control to your partner as you lean back and just take it all in. The realistic shaft is finished iff with a flexible silicone surface. It is easily charged with the included USB-cable, and ready to indulge you again after just 3 hours of charging.

Convert your finger into a naughty sex toy with the Bang Her G-spot finger vibrator from Frisky. This small but powerful bullet provides effective and targeted stimulation, because the vibrator sits on your finger like a thimble. Manufactured from super soft and flexible silicone with titillating texture on the tip for heightened pleasure. With it on the index finger you can be sure of spoiling your G-spot. And because of it’s design, this finger vibrator is especially suitable to gain squirting orgasms. Perfect to stimulate the clitoris, but can of course also be used on the nipples, perineum, balls – and all over the body where you and your partner will enjoy arousing vibrations. Requires 2 x LR41 batteries. 4 are included, so you can enjoy it for prolonged play either alone or with yur partner. Sex Toys For Ladies – Vibrators & Adult Toys.

With the G Dildo Pulsator, Fun Factory has designed a version of the popular Stronic, which specially targets the G-spot. Over and above the normal vibrations, it mimics the unique and innovative Stronic technology of a mans thrust and pulsating movements, to create the most realistic dildo experience. . Experiment between the 10 vibration possibilities alone, or with your partner during play and allow yourself to get spoiled.The hands-free function makes it possible to combine the dildo with, for example, oral sex, a clitoris vibrator or whatever else you fantasise about. Anatomically formed with a slim design, that is supple and perfect for hitting the G-spot and creating a mind-blowing orgasm. Made from silky soft silicone, insertion and usage is most comfortable.Of course it is free of latex so you can without a worry use it on your sensitive skin, over and over again. Easily chargeable using the included USB cable. Sex Toys For Ladies – Vibrators & Adult Toys.

Do you desire deeper G-Spot orgasms? Then the Diva Dolphin from Fun Factory may just be the answer. This stylish and modern design does not take away from the impressive vibrations that pleasures you over and above the norm. In addition, you can also use the titillating dolphin nose on your clitoris. Diva Dolphin has 6 unique vibration patterns and 4 speeds. For tailored fun ,you can save your favourite setting so you can easily find it again next time. You can always get a flexible and comfortable experience, as the vibrator and manufactured using a supple medical silicone.What makes this vibrator special is that you can use batteries, but you can also charge it with a magnetic USB charger and rechargeable Fun Factory batteries. This smart little Hybrid Kit is sold separately. Sex Toys For Ladies – Vibrators & Adult Toys.

LELO Mona Wave is an upgrade of the popular LELO Mona 2 Rechargeable G-Spot Vibrator, which is ideal for titillating G-Spot stimulation. The LELO Mona Wave is the first of its kind to pamper you with both wonderful vibrations and gentle, wavy movements massaging against your G-Spot. The movements from the LELO Mona mimic the ‘come here to me’ movements that many use for G-Spot stimulation, which can give deep and intense G-Spot orgasms. With the LELO Mona Wave you get 10 different and delightful stimulation settings that you can easily switch between using the buttons on the front of the vibrator. The vibrator will remember which setting you used the last time it was on, and it will begin with the same programme so that you can enjoy your favourite setting without having to look for it. The LELO Mona Wave is made from quality silicone that is soft and comfortable to use. We recommen using the Mona Wave with a quality water-based lubricant. It will make the experience with vibrator even better and more pleasurable. The LELO Mona Wave is rechargeable and waterproof so you can enjoy it whereever you want. Note! If you want a vibrator that stimulates you both inside and against your clitoris, go for the LELO Ina Wave instead.

The world’s first adjustable G-Spot vibrator, G-Kii from Je Joue, now comes in a new and improved version. This G-Spot Vibrator is unique in its function because it can be adapted so that you can find the perfect angle to stimulate your G-spot optimally.The new G-Kii also offers an updated design that follows the rest of Je Joue’s products and which makes the vibrator even more delicious. It is completely streamlined and manufactured in quality silicone that gives a nice soft surface. Vibration has also been adapted so that you can better stimulate the clitoris while you stimulate your G-point. And because the G-Kii now contains two entirely independent engines, there is even more powerful teasing.

Let yourself be pampered by its 5 different vibration speeds and 6 vibration patterns, depending on your desires. This vibrator is 100% waterproof and therefore can easily be enjoyed under the shower or in a jacuzzi. This unique G-spot vibrator was developed in cooperation with experts on women’s G-spot orgasms and in 2011 won the AVN Award for Best sex toy for Women. G-Kii is rechargeable and charged with the supplied magnet charger. How to use the G-Kii from Je Joue to adapt the curvature you hold the button in on the vibrators side and moves vibrators tip closer or further from the shaft depending on what suits you best. If you want to get as much enjoyment out of your G-Kii, then you need to use it together with a water based lubricant.