TPE Artificial Penis For Women Sale Price

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TPE Artificial Penis For Women Sale Price

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TPE Artificial Penis For Women Sale Price
TPE Artificial Penis For Women Sale Price
3500 RS


Condition: New product

99 items

7”long,2.8″ dia, multi-speed vibration

Requires 2AA batteries (not included).

First Sight Love Dildo

Product Brand Code:- FSLD2103
Brand: Jock Dong
Guarantee: 1 Year
Made in USA

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Enjoy delightful orgasms with the Bdesired Deluxe Vibrator from B Swish. A fine, classic silicone vibrator with an extra full head, especially for targeted stimulation of the G-spot. This soft and smooth silicone finish, with it’s anatomic design minus seams, makes for comfortable and natural feeling when in use. Even if you use it for longer than usual. With it’s quiet and discreet motor you can enjoy solo play wherever and whenever, but of course you can also invite your partner to join in. The 6 vibration levels can be used to tickle and entice the body’s erogenous zones, for example stimulation of the clitoris, nipples or his perineum. Because it is waterproof, cheeky play time under the shower is also a possibility.Discreet and convenient to take with on the road in it’s included storage bag. Note: Needs 2 x AAA-batteries (bought separately). TPE Artificial Penis For Women Sale Price.

Big Boss is slightly bigger than normal dildo’s, and therefore an obvious choice for those that want to feel extra fullness and stimulation. This dildo vibrator has a stylish design. Especially with the soft medical silicone it is made of, Big Boss is both beautiful to look at and to touch. It has a soft and silky surface that makes it pleasant to use. The dildo is rechargeable, so you never have to remember to buy batteries or worry that it will run out of power mid climax. Big Boss has a rich and natural design with powerful vibrations. Fun Factory’s Click’n’Charge – USB charger included in the package.The vibrator has a keylock function that prevents it from accidentally switching on in your handbag or luggage. Hold FUN and (+) down at the same time for 3-5 seconds to unlock your dildo. Once you have activated it ,you have 12 different vibration patterns to select from. And if you hold the FUN button down, it will loop the vibration setting you just started. The Dildo vibrator has an ergonomically designed handle at the end, which makes it very easy to handleIf you use a little water-based lubrication with your dildo your experience will be even smoother and softer. Big Boss is waterproof , so feel free to use it anywhere close to or in water.Cleaning it is also easy: Rinse in warm water and then use a sex toy cleaning detergent, for even better hygiene. In 2016 Big Boss won the Red Dot prize for best design.

Are you looking for a stylish but powerful dildo vibrator in a good size, then LELO Elise 2 is perfect. LELO Elise now comes in an improved version 2.0 that is designed more effectively. You will be able to include a more powerful and 100% waterproof experience! This dildo vibrator has two motors that are both powerful and quiet. When you select the vibrators vibration patterns the two engines will vibrate alternately, which creates a very teasing stimulation. The buttons at the bottom of the vibrator is what you will use to select between Elise’s 8 different vibration settings. When you have selected the vibration pattern you prefer best you can screw up and down for vibration pattern strength in 5 different levels from fully mild to very strong.

At the same time your vibration buttons enables you to Key lock, so you avoid accidentally turning on your vibrator in your handbag or luggage. Elise 2 dildo vibrator has a slight curvature to the design of the mould so that you can stimulate your G-spot area. LELO Elise’s surface is made from soft medical silicone . The dildos form is fixed and the appropriate hardness gives you a very focused stimulation. It is important that you always clean the Elise 2 after use. Use LELO’s own cleaning spray that can be used on all LELO products. The vibrator is rechargeable. 2-hour charge for up to 4 hours of pure enjoyment. We recommend that you use a water based lubricant with Elise 2 to get the best experience out of her. Using LELO’s own lubricant would work perfectly.Elise 2 comes in an attractive case, including a charger and a stylish satin bag for storage. TEST WINNER: In 2013, Elise 2 won a blind test of dildo vibrators, awarded with the heading ‘perfect shape and emotion’.

The Loving Joy Super Gybrator is ideal if you’re looking for a realistic looking and feeling dildo vibrator, which is very stimulating.The Super Gybrator has a realistic shape and an unmistakable glans, which stimulates you with every movement you make. As a special feature, the shaft of the Loving Joy Super Gybrators rotates in small, gentle movements while at the same time indulging you with intense and titillating vibrations. The combination assures you of new levels of pleasure. The Loving Joy Super Gybrator has 7 different vibrations which are controlled using the supplied remote control. The wire is 75 cm long, so you can easily shift betwen the settings while you use the dildo vibrator. The Super Gybrator has a firm core covered with TPE, for a very soft and natural feeling.Note that the Loving Joy Super Gybrator uses 3 AAA-batteries, which are sold separately. TPE Artificial Penis For Women Sale Price.

With the G Dildo Pulsator, Fun Factory has designed a version of the popular Stronic, which specially targets the G-spot. Over and above the normal vibrations, it mimics the unique and innovative Stronic technology of a mans thrust and pulsating movements, to create the most realistic dildo experience. Experiment between the 10 vibration possibilities alone, or with your partner during play and allow yourself to get spoiled.The hands-free function makes it possible to combine the dildo with, for example, oral sex, a clitoris vibrator or whatever else you fantasise about. Anatomically formed with a slim design, that is supple and perfect for hitting the G-spot and creating a mind-blowing orgasm. Made from silky soft silicone, insertion and usage is most comfortable.Of course it is free of latex and , so you can without a worry use it on your sensitive skin, over and over again. Easily chargeable using the included USB cable.

Now you can get your hands on the original Fifty Shades of Grey “Charlie Tango” Classic Vibrator.This classic dildo vibrator has 4 different vibration patterns, and 3 vibration speeds. The many different vibrations gives you the opportunity to stimulate the many erogenous zones. The Fifty Shades of Grey classic vibrator is, with it’s design, a really good “starter-product” for you who wishes to experiment in the steamy heat of the Fifty Shades of Grey universe. We recommend using a water-based lubricant with your Fifty Shades of Grey Classic Vibrator. The lubricant will have the vibrator glide against your skin. It comes with a lovely satin pouch to store the vibrator in after use.

Amorous is an enticing dildo vibrator, perfect for you who has to have even more stimulation. Amorous has two built-in motors that can vibrate in synchrony or individually for even bigger satisfaction.This quiet Amorous Dildo Vibrator has 6 titillating vibration settings, which is easy to adjust depending on which intensity you best prefer.Amorous is designed specifically for g-spot stimulation. The curve at the tip of an Amorous assures targetted stimulation of the g-spot. The material is both flexible and firm, for a very comfortable vibrator to use.Note! The Amorous Dildo Vibrator requires 4 AAA-batteries, that is sold seperately. When you desire realistic and effective stimulation that feels like a real man, Stiffy always stands ready and vibrating. TPE Artificial Penis For Women Sale Price.

Lay back and let Stiffy pamper you with it’s lifelike, hand-painted details, like its unmistakable glans, raised veins along the shaft, while the multispeed vibrations takes you from 0-100 in no time. Stiffy is always ready when you are, with a length of 15 cm and a diameter of 4 cm, it is the perfetc dildo for you who loves a good full-bodied and natural lengthed stimulation. The dildo is made as a sleeve in body safe PVC with an enticingly soft surface , sitting on a a classic dildo vibrator, which can also be enjoyed on it’s own. Experiment with your Stiffy during masturbation or invite your partner into the shower or spa bath thanks to it’s waterproof feature. Handmade in the USA. Uses 1 x AA-battery (purchase seperately). TPE Artificial Penis For Women Sale Price.

Do you desire your next dildo vibrator to be hefty, and both look and feel like the “real thing”? With a diameter of 5.3 cm, lifelike, handpainted details and multispeed vibrations, this extremely realistic 23 cm dildo from King Cock is a great offer for your new best and kinkiest play mate. King Cock dildos are handmade in the USA with focus on taking your experience as close as possible to a real man. Marked glans, veins and lifelike details offers a natural feeling, whether you use the dildo with or without the titillating multispeed vibrations. Manufactured PVC, which has a soft surface while still with a firm, pliant core. This means you can place the dildo in precisely the position that will optimally stimulate you.Place the large suction cup firmly on a hard smooth surface and use the vibrator hands-free for solo satisfaction or invite your partner to experiment with this enticing King Cock dildo, for foreplay or in your favourite harness.Requires 3 x AAA-batteries (purchase seperately). TPE Artificial Penis For Women Sale Price.