Women Sex Toys – Buy Sex Toys For Girls

Women Sex Toys – Buy Sex Toys For Girls,TYPES OF FEMALE SEX TOYS AVAILABLE IN INDIA. Since women & girls in India are so different in their voices, opinions, thought-process, and choices, women.

Women Sex Toys – Buy Sex Toys For Girls

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Women Sex Toys - Buy Sex Toys For Girls
Women Sex Toys - Buy Sex Toys For Girls
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This Colt Adam Champ Foreskin Realistic Dildo with Suction Cup 8 inch Realistic Dual Density Dildo with Retractable Foreskin fulfills your fantasies with a lifelike movable foreskin that slides back, just like a real uncut dick! This chocolate colored King Cock Uncut 8 nch realistic dong that has a 2 inch wide phallic shaped head with the foreskin that continues down the shaft for a girth of 2 inches at the base of the 8 inch insertable shaft. The flexible shaft and the uncut foreskin are exquisitely handcrafted to provide incredibly stimulating sensations. Using our proprietary dual-density Slide-Skin formula, we’ve created the first ever latex-free, American-made uncut dildo with retractable foreskin! Women Sex Toys – Buy Sex Toys For Girls.

You also get the detailed textures of real skin with veins and wrinkles provide even more of the realistic feeling that you’re looking for. Combined, it is truly the most lifelike PVC dildo you will ever experience! The powerful 2.625 inch wide suction cup base sticks to nearly any flat surface and makes every dildo Strap-On Harness compatible. Like all King Cocks, the new Uncut series features the same handcrafted attention to detail that make these dildos the most realistic, lifelike cocks in the world! Best of all, King Cock Uncut Dildos is proudly made in the USA so you can enjoy every masterpiece with confidence. Women Sex Toys – Buy Sex Toys For Girls.

Made from Realistic feeling Fanta Flesh Dual Density PVC, this UnCut Line from the King and a great choice for everyone. Just add your favorite Water Based Lubricant and have a wet n wild time. . After use, carefully wash the toy with mild soap and water or try the Toy Cleaner for even quicker cleanup. Store this toy separately from other sex toys.Made from Realistic feeling Fanta Flesh Dual Density PVC, this UnCut Line from the King and a great choice for everyone. Just add your favorite Water Based Lubricant and have a wet n wild time. . After use, carefully wash the toy with mild soap and water or try the Toy Cleaner for even quicker cleanup. Store this toy separately from other sex toys. Women Sex Toys – Buy Sex Toys For Girls.

Product Brand Code :- DSCCACR55412
Brand: king Cock
Guarantee: 1 Year
Made in USA

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Convert your Sinful Mini Magic Wand into an effective anal vibrator with this naughty accessory. This tempting silicone plug is placed easily on the head of your wand for extra stimulation and indulgence. Relish how the vibrations from your mini wand transmits to your plug for impressive stimulation while the wide base assures that the plug stays where it should. Manufactured from flexible silicone. Soft and supple enough to be the most comfortable to use, especially for beginners, while still firm enough tickle in just the right way. Use when you’re alone or invite your partner to join the fun. Because of the ergonomic form, this accessory is specially designed to stimulate his P-point. Developed specifically for Sinful’s own Mini Magic Wand, but can fit on all wands with a diameter of 4 cm.

Enjoy titillating, effective vibrations and strong orgasms with the rechargeable vibrator iWand. Handy and smart version of the well-known and popular Magic Wand. The vibrators light and practical design makes it comfortable to use over long periods of time, and the supple silicone head achieves added targeted stimulation. You simply adjust the iWand to your wishes and needs – to exactly the way you want and experiment between the 10 vibration variations. It’s quiet motor makes it easy to be discreet during solo play, but your partner can without a doubt be part of making it even more satisfying for you.Waterproof for naughty fun in the tub. Rechargeable via the included USB- and AC-cable. 3 hours of charging awards you with 3 hours of play.

Are you after a vibrator that delivers every time? Fairy Original Massage Wand is without a doubt the most powerful vibrator on the market. It stimulates with an intensity so big, another vibrator has yet to achieve. One of the reasons behind the powerful vibrations is because it runs on electricity. Plug it in, and you can have as much pleasure without risking the power running out. Fairy Original is made of hard quality plastic and stimulates you with it’s flexible head. We suggest you use a water based lubricant on Fairy’s round head for extra pleasure. You control the vibrations with an adjustable button, and decide yourself, which strength you wish to be stimulated with. The Fairy Original vibrator is from the same family as the popular Magic Wand, that became popular from Sex and the City and The sex school. The Magic Wand was originally a hand held body massager , and Fairy so powerful, that you can use it to massage painful or tired muscles. Use either alone or maybe with a partner as part of foreplay. TEST WINNER: In October 2012 the vibrator won the best Wand in a test . Women Sex Toys – Buy Sex Toys For Girls.

With a G-spot Accessory added to your Magic Wand you can turn your Magic Wand into a powerful G-spot vibrator. This accessory is very easy to assemble, simply place the accessory on the head of your wand and press it in place. And thus it is very quick and easy to switch between G-spot with an accessory, and clitoral stimulation without an accessory. Once you have found the vibration level you best enjoy, then you are ready to go. Get even more pleasure out of your Bodywand Magic Wand: Try the insatiable Magic Wand G-spot Accessory!The delicious Magic Wand G-spot Accessory is made from velvety soft silicone, so it is soft and flexible, but at the same time firm enough to give you really good stimulation.Use your G-spot Accessory, along with a good water-based lube, so you can enjoy an easy insertion. Water-based lubricant , such as Swede Woman, is the best for toys made from silicone, as it is easy to clean and works best with silicone. Remember to clean your Bodywand Magic Wand Accessory after use, so you are sure of a clean start for your next night of passion. Use, for example, Pjur Sex toy cleaner, that gives more than satisfactory results. This accessory fits all Wands with a 6-6.2 cm head, i.e. Bodywand Original, Fairy Original, Smart Wand Large, Passion Pointer, 2 Speed Wand and all other Wand Essentials vibrators.

If you would like the most powerful and intense orgasm ever then the Wanachi Maxi Massager Wand will most definitely get you there. This continuous vibrator has the most powerful motor on the market. You can use it to massage aching muscles, but more importantly to stimulate the clitoris. In addition, the wand is waterproof and can be taken with into the bathtub or shower. The intensity of the vibrations can be adjusted with the turn dial on the base of the wand.The Maxi Wanachi has a flexible silicone head that feels incredibly soft and lovely. The head has a diameter of 4.4 cm, and the vibrator has a full length of 23 cm. It needs 2 C LR14-batteries, which need to be bought separately. Women Sex Toys – Buy Sex Toys For Girls.

The velvety soft rabbit accessory is made from silicone that is soft and velvety, but still robust enough to give you great stimulation. Use your Rabbit Wand Accessory with a quality water-based lubricant, to give the finish of the Magic wand a softer smoother glide.Get even more pleasure out of your Bodywand Magic Wand: Incorporating the rabbit into your sexy time will add extra simultaneous stimulation, namely on your clitoris.The accessory gets pulled over the head of your Magic Wand and pressed in place.As soon as you find the vibration pattern that suits your desires best, then you can be prepared for a night passion. Remember to wash your Bodywand Accessory after use to be sure of good hygiene.This accessory fits all Wands, if their heads are a diameter of 6-6.2cm. It is Bodywand Original, Fairy Original, Smart Wand Large, Passion Pointer, 2 Speed Wand and all Wand Essentials vibrators.

The Fairy Exceed Massage Wand is ideal for you who craves a Magic Wand vibrator with ultra heavy vibrations. This Turbo version is smaller in size than the well-known Fairy Original Massage Wand, but it is more powerful in strength and stimulates and stimulating with an intensity that is hard to compete with. If you select the Fairy Exceed, you can be sure of a competent and arousing vibrations , which will deliver every time. And because the vibrator head on the Fairy Exceed has a nubbly surface, you can get even better stimulation for even greater pleasure. Plug the vibrator in your wall socket and set your vibrator to the intensity you best enjoy. You can increase the intensity by turning the knob upwards; and can reduce it again by turning turning the knob down.Because the Turbo Fairy is plugged in, you can enjoy your vibrations uninterrupted for as long as you want. The vibrator is both ideal for intimate massage and for deep, relaxing body massage. To get the best experience possible with your Fairy Turbo, we recommend that you use it in conjunction with a good quality lubricant.

Don’t be fooled by the size of this Wanachi Micro Massage Wand. It is perfect to hang on your keyring or in your handbag, so that pleasure is always at your fingertips. The discreet exterior saves on an especially powerful motor, for a wand that is in the micro category. It allows you to enjoy the powerful arousing vibrations on your clitoris and all the other erogenous zones. It is only 6.3 cm long and therefore an especially cute and innocent gift idea for yourself, just because, or for a friend who deserves an extra spoil. The Wanachi Micro Wand comes ready to use, so all you have to do is press the on button and there is life. Requires 1 x LR44 battery (included).

Spoil yourself or your partner with this very exclusive and effective 2-in-1 vibrator from Loving Joy, for intense orgasms and sensual body massages. You get the most iconic vibrator, the magic wand and rabbit vibrator, which are separate attachments, so you can play between the two, depending on your mood. The 10 vibration settings are controlled from a simple single lit-up button on the base, where you can easily screw the wand or rabbit on. The Loving Joy Dua is made from the softest silicone with beautiful details in metallic rose gold. Dua is rechargeable and waterproof, so you can enjoy masturbation regardless of where you find yourself.With the Wanachi Mini Massager Wand you can get an extra powerful and intense masturbation experience, either in your bedroom, under the shower or on the go. This vibrator is wireless and small in size, but with a powerful and quiet motor. Spoil yourself or your partner with a massage that starts at your aching shoulders and ends where it feels best. The intensities of the vibrations can be adjusted using the turn dial at the base of the wand. It’s compact size makes this wand easy to throw in your bag when traveling. The Mini Wanachi has a silicone head with a diameter of 3.4 cm, while the full length of the vibrator measures at 21 cm. It is waterproof and uses 2 AA-batteries, to be bought separately. Women Sex Toys – Buy Sex Toys For Girls.

The Bodywand Rechargeable Magic Wand is a stylish massage wand that can be used for both thrilling clitoral stimulation and for massaging soar muscles.
The black Bodywand vibrator is wireless so you are free to enjoy the wonderful vibrations wherever you wish. The vibrator can provide both gentle and intense vibrations, depending on your preference. You can easily adjust the vibration strength via the scroll wheel on the front of the vibrator. If you want pulsating vibrations instead of continuous, just press the silver button. The Bodywand Rechargeable Magic Wand can be used for one hour on a one hour charge. For extra pleasure we recommend applying a good water-based lube to the vibrator head before use. Women Sex Toys – Buy Sex Toys For Girls.