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Buy Female Sex Toys For Women & Girl Online In India,Shop Variety of Sex Toys For Female or Ladies Like Sex Toys, Vibrator, Dildo, Ben-Wa -Balls, Sex Machine & Strapon. Women sex Toys With Discreet Delivery.

Buy Female Sex Toys For Women & Girl Online In India

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Buy Female Sex Toys For Women & Girl Online In India
Buy Female Sex Toys For Women & Girl Online In India
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9”long,  3″ dia, Multi-speed vibration

Requires 2AA batteries (not included). Irex Realistic Dong Vibrating

Irex Realistic Dong Vibrating,Blush Skin Vibe #3 is a 9 inch realistic vibrator with veins and twist dial base for multi-speed vibration. Created for the beginner and for the cost conscious, Vibe #3 is made of PVC. It is comfortably soft yet rigid enough for vigorous play. Powered by 2 AA batteries, not included.Vibrator requires 2 AA batteries, not included. To increase the life of all sex toys remove batteries before storage. Always clean before and after use plus between partners.

Product Brand Code:- IRDV00236
Brand: Skin Vibe
Guarantee: 1 Year
Made in USA

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Them that say size doesn’t count hasn’t tried the hefty American King Cock dildos before. With a length of 23 cm and a diameter of 5 cm, you will be aroused by the filled up feeling you’ll get, and therefore you should have some experience with penetrative stimulation with a dildo. King Cock dildos are handmade in the USA with focus on creating an experience as close as possible to one with a real man. The marked penis head, veins and realistic scrotum achieves the aim of King Cock with the hand-painted fine details, which can be enjoyed anally or vaginally.The soft finish of the dildo is thanks to the specially developed body safe PVC, while still maintaining the firmness needed for targeted stimulation. The suction cup adds to your play possibilities, and because the dildo is harness compatible, only your fantasies limit the possibilities. Whether you use it alone or with your partner, during foreplay or sex, you can be sure to get the most pleasure from your King Cock. Buy Female Sex Toys For Women & Girl Online In India.

If you would like to indulge your partner with a titllating strap-on experience, then this skin-coloured Hollow Strap-on Vibrator from Fetish Fantasy could just be what you’re looking for.This hollow strap-on dildo can be enjoyed by both men and women. It is equally suitable for both anal and vaginal stimulation, or to achieve a fuller and longer penis. The continuous vibrations come with different intensities, which you or your partner can select between, using the included remote control. The remote control can be firmly attached to the harness, so you have your hands free for other naughty activities. The Fetish Fantasy Hollow Strap-on . Instead it is manufactured using a firm and flexible rubber. The elastic harness can stretch to a circumference of between 68 cm to approx. 120 cm. The vibrator uses 2 AA-batteries, which are not included with this purchase. Buy Female Sex Toys For Women & Girl Online In India.

This realistic King Cock is a big and plump dildo, perfect if you wish to have a more natural experience. The dildo’s aged surface and lifelike penis head creates realistic and targeted stimulation. King Cock is hand-made in the USA and the dildo that looks most like a real penis on the market. The dildo is made from PVC, which creates a lovely soft finish. It has a very powerful suction cup that can attach to all smooth surfaces and gives you the possibility to play with your dildo in standing, sitting or laying positions. It is only your fantasy that limits your play time with your King Cock. We recommend you use a good quality water-based lubricant with your dildo, for the best experience possible.

If you would like to multi-task during play-time with your dildo, and have your hands free for other naughty activities, then the Basix Rubber Works Slim 7 is an obvious choice for you. The dildo is equiped with a suction cup, which can attach firmly to all smooth and hard surfaces. The Basix Rubber Works Slim has a natural appearance with a distinct glans and a detailed veiny surface, which adds extra stimulation. Size-wise this dildo is very natural, measuring at 4.4 cm. in diameter and 20 cm. in length, of which 18 cm. is insertable. We recommend that you use water-based lubricant with your dildo for an experience that is strengthened and a dildo that is more comfortable to insert. Because of the suction cup on the base of the dildo, you can also use it as a strap-on with all harnesses from the Pipedream-range.
The dildo is made from a soft and supple PVC and is waterproof. This dildo is easy to clean with warm water, soap and sex toy cleaner.

It is not from nowhere that Tantus users describes their Echo Super Soft dildos as a “fantasy dildo”. The imaginative wave design along the shaft is created by repeating the fold from the distinct glans, again and again, stimulating the vagina or prostate with every movement in and out. The Echo dildo has a 3-speed bullet vibrator, which transforms it into an effective vibrator dildo. You can also use the small bullet vibrator for targeted stimulation on for eg. nipples, clitoris or the perinuem. Manufactured from the uniquely developed Ultra-Premium Super Soft Silicone. Super Soft dildos are extra flexible with a velevty finish for a comfortable and satisfying experience. In addition, Tantus products are allergy-friendly, Eco-friendly. Can be washed in a dishwasher or boiled in water. A quality product that even a hot-blooded man or woman could not wear down. Handmade in the USA. Small irregularities in colour and form may occur.

The Fetish Fantasy Large Hollow Strap-On is a big and full strap-on, which can both be worn by men and women. As women you can use the Fetish Fantasy Large Hollow Strap-On as a strap-on. As men, you can insert your penis in it for a longer and fuller feeling. Because the Fetish Fantasy Large Hollow Strap-On is 25 cm long with a diameter from 4.5-5.2 cm externally, it is recommended to couple with strap-on sex experience. Internally is has a depth of 16 cm and a diameter of 3.4 cm. The flexible nylon harness is easy and comfortable to put on, as you would with underwear. The harness is elastic and can stretch from 66 cm in circumference to approx. 120 cm.This enticing Hollow Strap-on Vibrator is PVC, which makes it firm but flexible. We recommend using a water-based lubricant with this strap-on, as it provides a softer more glidey insertion experience.

Are you in search of a realistic dildo with medium fullness and impressive balls, then the European Lover is a good place to start. European Lover has a distinct glans and a size a little above the average man, for you who is ready for more but still wants to keep it as natural as possible. In this way you will get the perfect blend of arousing stimulation from this soft and flexible, while it is still hard enough to satisfy you. Precisely as you crave what a real man would do to you. With a powerful suction cup for hands-free pleasure, for eg. in the bathtub. Or try place the European Lover firmly in your favourite harness for naughty shared pleasure. European Lover is 20 cm long, of which 16 cm is insertable and has a diameter of 3.9 cm.

Are you in search of something really special? Enjoy a firm and full erection with the single press of a button with the Uprize Rock Hard AutoErect Dildo of 15 cm. You have the control, and you decide when the dildo is going to stand straight and when it will move. Simply press on the remote control and watch the dildo raise to its full potent size thanks to its patented AutoErect technology. Place the suction cup firmly on a smooth hard surface, turn on the vibrations and get a satisfying experience either alone or with your partner. Can also be used in a harness for kinky strap-on sex. There are 10 vibration levels, and it is both waterproof and rechargeable (USB-cable included). Uprize Rock Hard AutoErect is 15 cm long and 4.6 cm on the widest part (the glans). Buy Female Sex Toys For Women & Girl Online In India.

Should it be extra realistic? Now you can gain an exciting masturbation experience with the King Cock Uncut Realistic Dildo 15 cm, which is natural and has a comfortable foreskin. Regardless of whether you are turned on by kinky woman/woman sex or lifelike solo satisfaction, apply a little lubricant behind the foreskin. All that is left to experience is realistic pleasure, when the foreskin pulls back and forth, precisely as the real thing. Manufactured from specially developed body safe PVC, which has a soft surface while still hard for targeted stimulation. Place the large suction cup firmly on a hard smooth surface, and use it hands free, or invite your partner to experiment with this enticing King Cock Uncut dildo in your favourite harness. The marked glans and veins with hand painted details. Made in the USA.